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My name is Emre Öner

If you want to access more detailed information about my resume, you can scroll down this page.

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What I Do ?

The knowledge I acquired during my university years and the opportunity to work with renowned designers in the early stages of my career enabled me to develop myself. For many years, I have served as a senior professional in the production and design processes within the Furniture Industry. I have received training in Product Design, Concept Design, Visual Thinking and Sketching, Design Thinking and I worked in these fields as a designer.

My Education

Eskisehir Technichal University


Between 2014 and 2019, I received education at the Industrial Design Department of the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Throughout my university life, I had numerous opportunities to develop various projects within the scope of university-industry collaboration.

My Pre-Employment

Industrial Design Intern

Sinbo Company

(Small Home Appliances)

2018-2019 -4 months

As part of the university graduation project, a 4-month product design process was conducted in collaboration with Sinbo Company within the scope of industry collaboration. Within the project, a "Herbal Tea Brewing Machine" was designed for Sinbo Company.

Industrial Design Intern

Derin Design

(Furniture and Interior Design)

2018-2019 -4 months

When starting my professional career, I worked at Derin Design company as part of an Industrial Design Internship. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work with the globally renowned Aziz Sarıyer for a duration of 4 months.

Industrial Design Intern

Zivella Design


2018-2019 -2 months

A 2-month internship program was conducted with Zivella company. During the internship, various work was done related to production methods, product ergonomics processes, quality and control processes, product manufacturing processes, as well as R&D and product development processes within the factory.

My Professional Career
(4 year, 6 months)

Industrial Designer

Zivella Design

2019 - 2022 -3 years

My position as an Industrial Designer at Zivella company, which started in February 2019, is currently continuing as a Senior Industrial Designer. During my time at Zivella, I had the opportunity to work in the same team for extended periods with renowned designers such as Selami Gündüzeri, Alp Nuhoğlu and Adnan Serbest at different times.

Senior Industrial Designer

Zivella Design

2022 -  -1 year, 6 months

1- Product Concept Design.

2- Conducting research and preparing benchmark presentations for concept studies.

3- Materializing designs through steps such as sketching, mock-ups, 3D visualization, and rendering, followed by conducting presentations.

4- Coordinating and overseeing production units during the product prototyping process.

5- Managing product photography, stage design, and conducting color and styling work.

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